Why Join PIC?

  1. Your family will be alerted to and educated on the public policy issues that affect SFOs.
  2. Your family will have a voice in shaping regulatory and tax issues affecting SFOs.
  3. Your family will have an opportunity to participate in direct advocacy.
  4. Your family will have a resource for compliance concerns.
  5. Your family will complement the collective efforts of SFOs.
  6. Membership is restricted solely to SFOs, providing them with peer-to-peer networking opportunities, expanding their knowledge base, and educating them about best practices in a unique trusted network.

Annual Meeting

PIC Members are invited to attend the PIC Annual Meeting.  In just a few years, the PIC Annual Meeting has become the “go-to” event on the family office calendar.  Held in Washington, D.C. in late spring, the Annual Meeting is open to PIC members and invited guests only, and features an impressive line-up of key elected officials, top regulators, and other experts speaking on the topics of most interest to you and your family office.

Membership & Dues

PIC membership is exclusive to single family offices and high net worth families.  PIC strives to keep dues to a minimum while ensuring that we have the necessary resources to effectively represent single family offices before Congress and the multiple regulatory agencies with jurisdiction over family office activities.  PIC Member benefits include: 

  • Real-time direct source information on legislative and regulatory issues impacting SFOs
  • Updates and alerts regarding public policy initiatives of significance to SFOs
  • Direct access to public policy decision makers
  • Attendance at PIC Annual Meeting in Washington, DC 
  • Access to PIC web site content
  • Opportunity to collaborate with nationwide PIC membership


A volunteer board of directors composed of senior SFO executives and family principals manage the policies and priorities of PIC.  PIC is organized under section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Susan Murdock │ Communications Manager │ Private Investor Coalition │ Office: 202.347.9192 │ PIC@PrivateInvestorCoalition.com