About Us


The Private Investor Coalition (PIC) is a coalition of single family offices (SFOs) and individual private investors who share a common interest in public policy issues impacting the SFO community.

PIC monitors legislative and regulatory developments in Washington that affect the family office community and formulate position papers to address these topics. In addition, PIC representatives serve as direct advocates meeting with Members of Congress and key regulators. Finally, PIC provides timely information and guidance related to compliance topics specific to SFOs.

The Private Investor Coalition (PIC) is the recognized authority on both legislative and regulatory issues affecting single family offices, as well as the primary resource for disseminating information on compliance matters.  PIC serves as a beacon of public policy information pertinent to family offices.


PIC was formed in 2009 when, after 70 years of exemption from registration as investment advisors, single family offices were facing registration under Dodd-Frank.  In 2009 and 2010 PIC successfully led the initiative under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act to exempt single family offices from Securities and Exchange Commission registration as investment advisers.

PIC later worked with the SEC in the formulation of the definition of ‘family office” and organized the SFO community to respond with over 90 comment letters.  Since then, PIC has achieved numerous successes important to the family office community.

Annual Meeting

The PIC Annual Meeting has become the “go-to” event on the family office calendar.  This is the only meeting focused on regulatory and tax matters impacting single family offices.

Held in Washington, D.C. in late spring, the Annual Meeting is open to PIC members and invited guests only, and features an impressive line-up of key elected officials, top regulators, and other experts speaking on the topics of most interest to you and your family office.